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Fairtrade Committee

The Committee


Our Fairtrade committee for 2017-2018 is made up of the following children: Cameron Cottier, Scarlett Leivers, Maddie Leigh, Kian Nicholls, Samuel Collier, Georgia Crossley, Isaac Hoyles and Jacob Kenny. The committee is overseen by Miss Holland. 

Our Aims


Our aim over the next year is to work towards earning our 'FairAware' award from the Fairtrade Foundation.

We will keep you updated with our progress!


Our Progress


We are making good progress towards our FairAware award! The committee has completed an audit across school to see what the rest of the school know about Fairtrade and to help them to decide what we are going to do next.


The children in the committee have chosen to do a whole school assembly to help their peers to learn about Fairtrade, we will be doing this in the Spring term!


Good news!


We have set a date for our assembly! 

We will be sharing our assembly with the whole school on Monday 15th January, just after the holidays! 

We have made a start on our presentation and look forward to sharing it with the school.