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Christmas Food parcels

A great big thank-you to everyone for kindly donating packaged and tinned food for the Christmas food parcels. The food council members proposed a fabulous suggestion to help those who are going hungry this festive season. They decided to create some food parcels from each of the classes and then deliver these to the local food bank. 


Food Council

We are very fortunate at Woodlea Junior School to have a food council group. The food council members are always working very closely with the kitchen staff to ensure that the food prepared for the children is tasty, enjoyable and pleasing. The food council members for this year 2017-2018 are:


James Carlisle (3G)
Eve-Rose Ainsworth (3P)
Riley Vowles (4T)
Lily Wiltshire (4R)
Poppy Cowburn (5E)
Jessica Marshall (5L)
Lilly Daggers (6C)
Cameron Ayrey (6O)


Well done to all the food council members for helping out during the Macmillan Coffee afternoon! A fantastic effort!