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Fruit Tuck Shop

A great big thank you to all of the Food council members for taking up their dinner times and break times to help promote a healthy school. 


The food council members have come up with a tremendous idea to improve the school in promoting a healthy school. They have decided to open a healthy tuck shop which will sell a variety of fruit and fruit pots for 20p. Hopefully, this will encourage the children to choose healthier snacks at break time and this will lead healthy lifestyles. 


What we would like?

A fruit tuck shop.

It will be a shop set up by members of our school community (Mrs Younis, Miss Bell and the Food council members) to sell a combination of fresh fruit  in the morning during break time. Fruit can be supplied via a wholesaler, retailer, supermarket or co-operative, and can be delivered to our school or collected on a regular basis. The shop will be organised by adults (Mrs Younis and Miss Bell) or almost entirely run by the Food council. It can operate at break time in the hall on a Friday to start with.

Why we think opening a healthy tuck shop is important?

As the food council members, we are trying to encourage and promote a healthy eating school at Woodlea. Fruit and vegetables form part of a healthy, balanced diet. It is recommended that children eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. However, most children currently eat less than this.

Healthier tuck shops are a way for schools to promote healthy eating as part of a whole school approach to food.

Healthier options can be provided at break time, so Woodlea provides consistent health messages in the classroom and at all school eating occasions.

Why we should sell fruit kebabs?

  • A balanced diet including fruit and vegetables can help prevent overweight and obesity in children.
  • Fruit is actually a better option rather than buttery toast.
  • Fruits are a very nutritious snack providing vitamins, minerals and fibre.
  • Eating fruit in moderation as a snack instead of sugary foods is the healthier choice for teeth.
  • In addition eating fruit in childhood can help develop good eating patterns to be carried through into adult life.

When we would like this to take place?

We would like the fruit tuck shop to take place after the half term. Our first opening will take place on the 29th June 2018. We could trial this out for the last half term at school and then roll it out for September 2018.


From the food council.

Christmas Food parcels

A great big thank-you to everyone for kindly donating packaged and tinned food for the Christmas food parcels. The food council members proposed a fabulous suggestion to help those who are going hungry this festive season. They decided to create some food parcels from each of the classes and then deliver these to the local food bank. 


Food Council

We are very fortunate at Woodlea Junior School to have a food council group. The food council members are always working very closely with the kitchen staff to ensure that the food prepared for the children is tasty, enjoyable and pleasing. The food council members for this year 2017-2018 are:


James Carlisle (3G)
Eve-Rose Ainsworth (3P)
Riley Vowles (4T)
Lily Wiltshire (4R)
Poppy Cowburn (5E)
Jessica Marshall (5L)
Lilly Daggers (6C)
Cameron Ayrey (6O)


Well done to all the food council members for helping out during the Macmillan Coffee afternoon! A fantastic effort!