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School Council

School Council 2017/2018

Our school council representatives for this school year are:


6C - Alfie Bolton and Brooke Barnes

6O - Harrison Cayton and Molly Douglas

5L - Maddison Shields and Ben Jagger

5E - Lucy Williamson and Rosie Holland

4T - Katie Thompson and Riley Bradshaw

4R - Summer Tyrer and Emilia Monk

3G - Andrea Yates

3P - Alicia Ball and Amy Hopcraft

Woodlea Junior School are very proud of their school council. There are two representative from each class across the school. The children who wish to be voted onto the School Council create a poster, saying why they would be a good council member for their class. Following this, the children each have the opportunity to speak in front of their class and say what they promise to do, should they be voted onto the school council. Each child in the class has two votes and chooses who they would like to represent their class.
The successful children who are voted onto the School Council are announced in a special assembly. 


Autumn Term Issues

Children from across the school have been talking to their school council representatives about issues they would like to see resolved. One of those issues was regarding getting changed for P.E. In years 5 and 6, girls were getting changed separately to the boys, but the arrangements were not sustainable. So, now we have decided as a school council, that on P.E days, one year group classroom will be the changing room for the girls, and the other classroom will be a changing room for the boys. 


We have also had a rather disappointing issue to try and solve. Things have been going missing in the Years 3  & 4 girls cloakroom. Personal items have been disappearing from bags, so our school council team have elected monitors for the cloakrooms.