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Year 3 Homework - set on a Wednesday, returned the following Monday.

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Year 3 homework

Date given: 17/01/18

Date due: 22/01/18


Please complete the conjunctions worksheet.


Please complete the number sequences/fraction worksheet.


For a test on Monday 22/01/18 learn the following spellings:

Mrs Younis –before, believe, stood, peering, slowly, carefully, noisily, and beneath.

Mr Scott – unhappy, disobey, disappear, unlucky, disappointed, unwell, unzip and unlock.

Mrs Hafiz – where, were, because, before, down, mind, kind and find.

Times tables:

Times tables are the cornerstone of many maths ideas, children must know their times tables and related division facts for all tables up to 5x


Children must read at least 4 times per week. Please record your progress in your reading record.