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Hi! Welcome to the greenest page on the website! 


Our Eco Warriors want to remind you to STAY GREEN over the summer holidays.

Remember not to litter and to try and buy things which don't use single-use plastic wherever possible. 


THANK YOU to everyone who has brought in Eco Bricks! 

Please KEEP BRINGING THEM IN, and make sure they are tightly packed! We are looking at a project which will need hundreds of them, so make sure you don't throw that single use plastic away! 

Calling all Eco Warriors!


Our Eco Council would like you to join us in creating ecobricks!

What is an ecobrick?

“An ecobrick is a reusable building block created by packing clean and dry, used plastic, into a plastic bottle to a set density. Ecobricks enable us to take personal responsibility for our plastic.”



What is non-recyclable/single use plastic?

* The plastic around your toilet/kitchen rolls

* Plastic bags

* Plastic salad bags/vegetable packaging

* Plastic bags for frozen food.

* Film lids for meat/cheese etc.


How do I make one?

  1. Take a clean plastic bottle (at least 1litre)
  2. Use clean non-recyclable plastic to fill it up
  3. Push the plastic down tightly so that there are no gaps.
  4. Keep adding plastic until it’s full.
  5. Screw the lid on tightly.
  6. Bring it in to school.

Why should I make an ecobrick?

There are a lot of things we can make with ecobricks! From furniture to houses, ecobricks can be really useful building tools. At Woodlea, we plan to use some at the school, but also to send some to building projects around the country.

Please help our Eco Warriors and the environment!

Thank you,

Woodlea Eco Warriors & Mrs Darby

P.S. – For more information visit  


Our Battery Hunt Superstars!

Our Battery Hunt Superstars! 1 Our Battery Hunters!
Our Battery Hunt Superstars! 2 Our Top 5 Collectors! Wow!

Big Battery Hunt FINAL totals!

School Total: 13167

1st Place - Amelie G with 7074

2nd Place - Emilia M with 1809

3rd Place - Amy H with 1329

4th Place - Summer B with 1090


** 30 children have taken part so far. Thank you! **

A HUGE thank you to everyone who brought batteries in! 


Our First Eco Warriors

Our First Eco Warriors 1

Eco Newsletter - February 2018

The Quad:

In the middle of our school we have a 'quad' area. Last year, this area was been cleared as it had been getting particularly messy and overgrown. Before October half term we met in the quad to discuss what we thought would be the best thing to do with the quad. We thought of lots of ideas to make the quad a haven for local wildlife that we could then observe and study such as:

  • planting wildflowers
  • installing bird, bat and insect boxes
  • setting up bird feeders
  • having areas with artificial grass and new seating to make an outdoor classroom




So far this year we have held a whole school 'Eco Week'.

Each year group looked at a particular area of the 3R's.


Yr 3: Learnt about how we could reduce the amount of waste we produce, or the amount of the Earth's resources we consume.

Yr 4: Learnt about how we could re-use things that would otherwise be thrown away - they made fantastic bird feeders and pencil holders out of plastic bottles.

Yr 5: Learnt about re-cycling and designed play areas using recycled materials.

Yr 6; Audited the habitats that are around our school and made suggestions for how they could be improved. 


It is an exciting time for us at the moment, as our 'quad' area in the middle of school has recently been cleared of weeds. The Extreme Green team are going to play a key role in helping to decide how best to landscape the quad and make it an inviting wildlife habitat which can be used by future generations of Woodlea children.