Welcome back to our last half term of this school year. As ever there is lots going on in school. Please keep updated by following us on Twitte, the website and looking at SeeSaw for all updated information. I hope that you are all well and staying safe. If you want to join the 'Walking Bus', please meet Mrs Grove and Mrs Quinn at McCauls on wade Hall at 8.15 am. Thankyou. Mrs Shorrocks

Woodlea Junior School

Fairtrade Committee

For our first Fair Trade council meeting, we have decided to research into what Fair Trade is, what it provides for its workers and where in the world the fair trade products come from. We have also decided to find some new products that are Fair Trade in order to put together a presentation to help the rest of the school learn more about it. 


This is part of working towards our Fair Active Award for Woodlea!

The Committee


Our Fairtrade committee for 2020-2021 is made up of the following children:

Alice, Daisy, Sam, Luke, Zac, Katie, Demi and Hollie

We have earned our Fair Aware award and are now working towards our Fair Active award. We are on the journey to achieving this award for school as we already have a Fairtrade Group! Good news! We have started work on our action plan for Fairtrade and we are on our way to achieving our next award!


You can read more about the Fairtrade Awards here: 

Our Plan for 2020/2021!


We are now well into 2020! Although it still sounds strange to say.


We will be looking at different products that have the Fair Trade Label on and what this means. 


We will then hold an assembly to explain this to the rest of the school and encourage more children to look out for Fair Trade products.