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Fairtrade Committee

The Committee


Our Fairtrade committee for 2019-2020 is made up of the following children: Ffion, Amber, Alfie, Matthew, Harry, Lacey, Macey and Katie.


We earned our Fair Aware award last year and are now working towards our Fair Active award. We are on the journey to achieving this award for school as we already have a Fairtrade Group! Good news! We have started work on our action plan for Fairtrade and we are on our way to achieving our next award!


You can read more about the Fairtrade Awards here: 

Our Plan for 2020!


We are now well into 2020! Although it still sounds strange to say.


The Fairtrade Committee have decided they want to earn our Fair Active award for school by hosting an afternoon tea.


The committee have been searching far and wide for Fairtrade products to use in our coffee and cake sale. We are now in the stage of putting together the final details and will update as soon as we have more information!

The 2019 - 2020 Fairtrade Council

Fairtrade Challenge


Linking to the articles above, a Fairtrade baking challenge will be coming your way soon! 


Keep your eyes peeled on this page for how we can continue to support Fairtrade farmers around the world during these trying times!

We have earned our Fair Aware Award for school! Congratulations Fairtrade Committee!