I hope that you are all well and staying safe. If you want to join the 'Walking Bus', please meet Mrs Grove and Mrs Quinn at McCauls on wade Hall at 8.15 am. Thankyou. Mrs Shorrocks

Woodlea Junior School

Sponsored Run - October 2015

Wednesday 14th October
During the afternoon of Wednesday 14th October, we will be holding a sponsored run.
The children will be asked to run around a track, on the school field.
We are asking that the children wear clothing in the colour of the jewel team that they are part of; amethyst, emerald, ruby or sapphire.
Please find on the reverse of this letter the sponsorship form, which will enable the children to record who are sponsoring them and for how much per lap or total.
To add to the fun of the day, the number of laps for each team will be recorded. The winning team will receive some special glass beads, which will add to their running total.
All money that is raised from the event will go to PTA funds. Following a meeting earlier this week, the PTA have started to plan for the following things;


  • An artist in residence who will work with all the children to produce a permanent ceramic display in the hall.
  • Role Model Prefect jumpers.
  • New library books, shelving and furniture.
  • Sports kits.
  • Science shows as part of the ‘Science Enrichment’ week in October.
  • Add to the whole school theatre trip fund!


Once completed, please return your sponsorship form, so that the number of laps completed can be recorded. Please reiterate to your children that they only ask people that they know for sponsorship.
In anticipation and thank you for your continued support.
Jillian Shorrocks