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Weekly Awards

Weekly Awards -

Weekly Awards - 25.3.22

Weekly Awards - 18.3.22

Weekly Awards - 11.3.22

Weekly Awards - 4.3.22

Weekly Award Winners 25.02.2022

Weekly Award Winners

Weekly Award Winners

Weekly Award Winners

Weekly Award Winners 14.1.22

Weekly Award Winners 7.1.22

Award Winners 17.12.21

Award Winners 10.12.21

Award Winners 3.12.21

Award Winners 26.11.21

Award Winners 19.11.21

Awards Winners 12.11.21

Award Winners 5.11.21

Award Winners - 15.10.21

Award Winners - 8.10.21

Award Winners - 1.10.21

Award Winners - 24.9.21

Award Winners - 17.9.21

Weekly Awards - 2.7.21

Weekly Awards - 25.6.21

Weekly Awards - 18.6.21

Weekly Awards - 11.6.21

Weekly Awards - 21.5.21

Weekly Awards - 14.5.21

Weekly Awards - 7.5.21

Weekly Awards - 30.4.21

Weekly Awards - 19.3.21

Weekly Awards - 12.3.21

Good Morning and 'Happy World Book Day'. It is great seeing so many of you dressing up today. Please e'mail me at with your pictures and I can put them on our website and print them off for a display in school. Here is the link for this week's Celebration Assembly and list of award winners. Have a great day and I will see you all on Monday! Mrs Shorrocks

Happy Friday Everyone!

Below is the link to this week's Celebration Assembly. I have also attached the list of all awards presented during the assembly.

I and all the staff here at Woodlea cannot wait for March 8th to have all our amazing children in school!

Mrs Shorrocks

Weekly Awards - 26.2.21

Weekly Awards - 12.2.21

Good Morning!
What a great week, yet again: in school and at home. 
Below are the links to this week's celebration assembly, which include my Headteacher Awards.
What wonderful artwork you have been doing with 'bits and pieces' from around and about! Please as ever enjoy Mr Payne's compilation video.
Have a great half term and thank you. Mrs Shorrocks

Weekly Awards - 5.2.21

Good afternoon Everyone!
Please find attached the list of award winners from this morning's assembly. There are also the links for the assembly and the latest Art video, with more staff portraits.

Have a lovely and restful weekend and please continue to stay safe and well.
Mrs Shorrocks

Congratulations to all our children this week for their amazing work in school and those that are working remotely at home. Thank you for the efforts that the children and families are doing to support this.
I have attached the list of winners and the link to this week's assembly,
This week's Art Video can be seen using the following link. The winners are announced at the end of the video and these images will be used on the new school website, which should be completed before the end of term.
Please continue to work hard and stay safe and healthy.
Mrs Shorrocks

Weekly Awards 29.1.21

What a great week in school and at home. 
This is the link too, to our 'Friday Celebration Assembly'. If you haven't watched it already, please take a moment to enjoy and celebrate your success.

Mr Payne's Art Lockdown video is on this additional link: and Wow what amazingly talented artists we have at Woodlea. Please do keep up with your amazing work.

Have a restful weekend and please continue to stay safe and healthy.

Mrs Shorrocks

Weekly Awards - 22.1.21

Happy Friday Everyone and Thank you for an amazing week in school; at home and in school. You are all doing amazing work and parents too thank you for your continued support. I have attached the list of children receiving awards during today's assembly as well as the link for the assembly on our You Tube channel. Have a good weekend and please continue to stay safe and well. Mrs Shorrocks

Celebration Awards - 8.1.21

Celebration Awards - 11th December 2020

Celebration Awards - 4th December 2020

Celebration Awards - 27th November 2020

Celebration Awards - 20th November 2020

Celebration Awards - 13th November 2020

Celebration Awards - 6th November 2020

Celebration Awards - 23rd October 2020

Celebration Awards - 16th October 2020

Celebration awards - 9th October 2020

Congratulations to the following children for their positive attitudes to all aspects of school and their learning.

3G - Cody & Jude

3P - Harvey C & Joseph

4T - Alfie & Oliver

4R - Evie & Brandon

5L - Oli & Olivia

5E - Quinn & Ellie

6C - Alyshia & Olli

6O - Jacob & Georgia

                           Pupil Voice Elections

Thank you to everyone who put themselves forward for one

of our committees.

Congratulations to the successful children on being elected.


Eco Committee


Fair Trade


Food Council


School Council



Max H


Demi B


Ella K


Daniel M and Darcie S


Joey J


Hollie WC

James M


Jude C and Rose B


Mya B


Zac C


Evie E

Safia L and Noah V


Gabriella D


Katie W

Brandon G


Amber T and Luke M



Alfie D

Luke P

Harriet L

Kianna F and Tyler JN


April H

Sam P

Jack L

Henry H and Ella G


Evie-Rose A

Daisy C

Declan E

Lacey A and Olivia S


Jacob M


Alice R


Maddison G

Lewis G and Milly R

Team Captains


Alfie E and Amy H


Maddison G and Scarlett L


Charlie H and Elise M


Evie-Rose A and Nathan R


Congratulations for another great week and your positive attitudes, particularly to:

3G - William and Harvey

3P - Maisie Rae and Daniel 

4T - Willow and safia

4R - Lily May and Jacob

5L - Kayden and Lee

5E - George and james

6C - Scarlett and Jack

6O - Maddison and Max

Attendance and Punctuality

Week Beginning Attendance Punctuality 
23rd October Tigers Gorillas, Pandas, Rhinos, Elephants, Leopards, Chimps
16th October  Tigers, 100% Gorillas, Pandas, Leopards
9th October  Rhinos, Chimps Rhinos, Leopards, Orangutans
2nd October Gorillas Rhinos, Tigers, Elephants, Chimps, Orangutans
14th September  Tigers Gorillas, Pandas, Rhinos, Elephants, Leopards, Chimps
7th September 2020 Chimps







Celebration Assembly, 11th September 2020

Thank you to everyone for a great first week at Woodlea. The following children received awards for their outstanding attitudes to all aspects of school:

3G - Joey and James

3P - Demi and Jack

4T - Mya and Evie

4R - Sophie and Alfie

5L - Ruby and Sam

5E - Amelia and Sienna

6C - Evie-Rose and Archie

6O - Lily and Milly

Family Assembly part 1, 17th July

Still image for this video

Family Assembly Part 2, 17th July

Still image for this video

Family Assembly Part 1, 10th July

Still image for this video

Family Assembly Part 2, 10th July

Still image for this video

Family Assembly Part 1, 3rd July

Still image for this video

Family Assembly Part 2, 3rd July

Still image for this video

Family Assembly, 26th June 2020

Still image for this video

Friday Family Assembly, 19th June, Part 1

Still image for this video

Friday Family Assembly, 19th June, Part 2

Still image for this video

Part 1 Friday Family Assembly, 12th June 2020

Still image for this video

Part 2 Friday Family Assembly, 12th June 2020

Still image for this video

Weekly Awards, 12th June 2020

Weekly Awards, 5th June 2020

Assembly - 5th June 2020

Still image for this video

Assembly - 22nd May part 2020, part 2

Still image for this video

Assembly - 22nd May 2020, part 1

Still image for this video

Assembly Awards

Assembly - 15th May 2020, part 2

Still image for this video

Assembly - 15th May 2020, part 1

Still image for this video

Assembly - 8th May 2020

Still image for this video

Weekly Awards - 8.5.20

Thank you for all your amazing work for VE Day, particularly;

3G - Hayden and Alfie

3P - Ella and Jessica

4T - Oliver and Joe

4R - Henry and Chloe

5E - Anete and Charlie

5L - Scarlett and Megan

6C - Noah and Sarah

6O - Amelie and Elliott M


The class with the highest percentage of children completing work - Rhinos, 94%


The winning team this week is shared between Emerald and Sapphire.


Thank you and well done everyone!


Assembly - 1st May 2020

Still image for this video


Winning class for the highest percentage of work completion - PANDAS

Winning team this week - RUBY

Thank you for all our children making an amazing effort with their work during lock down, particularly;

3G – Evie F, Amber

3P – Christian, Phillipa

4T – Alfie J, Olivia B

4R – Kayden, Lacey

5E – Jemima, Scott

5L – Reece M, Jake C

6C – Ellie DP, Justin

6O – Bradley C, Amelia W



Thank you to Ellie W, Jack D, Mia B, Safia S, Amelia P, Alfie, Jack L, Lacey S, Fiona, Max, Elliott, Megan, Ellie D, Lily W, Lily C and Brandon for having a great week in school!

ICT Creativity - Thank you to the following children for their amazing creativity in ICT; Spike, Kevan, Lily, Ella, Oliver, Tyler, Jacob, Ruby, Scott, Jacob, Zak, Daisy, Kian, Jack, Alexis and Maddie.

Date Attendance Punctuality
6.9.19 Gorillas, Tigers, Elephants, Leopards Gorillas, Pandas, Rhinos, Elephants, Chimps
13.9.19 Gorillas, Pandas, Elephants Rhinos, Orangutans
11.10.19 Gorillas Chimps, Rhinos
18.10.19 Gorillas Rhinos, Elephants, Leopards
1.11.19 Rhinos, Elephants Rhinos, Elephants, Leopards, Chimps
7.11.19 Elephants Chimps
29.11.19 Chimps Pandas, Rhinos, Tigers, Elephants, Chimps, Orangutans
13.12.19 Leopards Tigers, Elephants, Leopards, Orangutans
10.1.20 Rhinos, Tigers, Chimps Pandas, Rhinos, Leopards
17.1.20 Pandas, 100% Pandas, Elephants, Leopards, Chimps
7.2.20 Pandas Chimps
13.2.20 Rhinos, Tigers, Chimps None
28.2.20 Pandas Pandas, Rhinos, Chimps
5.2.20 Rhinos Pandas, Tigers, Elephants, Chimps


What Incredible effort the following children have shown this week! Congratulations to Amber, Evie,Phillipa, Safia, Maisie, Harriet, Sam, Preston, Isaac, Maddison, Elise, Alyisha, Ella-Louise, Summer, Charlie and Aimee!

Congratulations to the following children who have made a fantastic start to the new term and new year;

Harry B, Brandon, James H, Lucas B, Amber, Christian, Ollie, Preston, Faye, James W, Jason H, Kayleigh S, Harry C, Aleesha, Leon and Bradley S.

Big Work - 13.12.19

An amazing effort by all our children at Woodlea this week; but a particular mention goes to Lily-May, Spike, Alfie C, Lily W, James H, Jacob A, Ella G, Max N, Georgia W, Maddison G, Scarlett L, Amy H, Paige S, Kayleigh C, Katie T and Hannah W.

Big Work - 29.11.19

Well done this week for some amazing work; particularly to the children named below whose work has really impressed your teachers.

Phillipa, Jessica, Ellie, Jack, Olivia, Luke, Tom, Dylan, Fiona, Anete, Zak, Archie, Anna, Dylann, Harry and Madison.

Big Work - 22.11.19

Congratulations to the following children from across the school for completing exceptional work in Maths or English; Sophie, Lily, Evie, Willow, Amelia, Quinn, Jacob, Olivia, Charlie, Isaac, Izzy, Elliot, Macey, Jason, Hannah and Elliot.

Big Work - 7.11.19

Thank you to all our children this week in using our new APPs to be Creative Geniuses. Congratulations in particular to; Hayden, Luke, Ava, Evie, Amelie, Luke, April, Harrison, Max, Jemima, Fletcher, Elise, Lois, Noah, Katie and Levi.

Big Work - 1.11.19.

Thank you to all the children that were chosen this week to share their work with the school.

Big Work - 20.9.19

Big Work - 13.9.19

Welcome to a New School Year - 2019 / 2020

Teachers were asked for two children who had shown all the Core values consistently this week. Well Done and Thank you!

Children from across the school were thanked for 'Persevering' this week.

Attendance and Punctuality Awards

Date Attendance Punctuality
14.9.18 Rhinos Tigers, Rhinos, Chimps
21.9.18 Orangutans Rhinos, Tigers
28.9.18 Pandas Gorillas, Tigers, Leopards
5.10.18 Chimps Chimps, Gorillas
12.10.18 Elephants Tigers, Chimps, Elephants
18.10.18 Tigers Gorillas, Rhinos, Tigers, Leopards, Chimps
2.11.18 Elephants Leopards, Chimps
9.11.18 Gorillas Tigers
16.11.18 Pandas - 100% None
23.11.18 Pandas, Chimps Gorillas 
30.11.18 Pandas Gorillas, Orangutans
11.1.19 Pandas Pandas, Tigers
18.1.19 Pandas Gorillas, Elephants, Chimps
25.1.19 Pandas Pandas, Gorillas, Orangutans
1.2.19 Gorillas None
8.2.19 Tigers, Elephants Elephants
15.2.19 Leopards Gorillas
1.3.19 Tigers Leopards, Orangutans
15.3.19 Chimps Leopards, Chimps
29.3.19 Pandas Gorillas, Tigers
26.4.19 Chimps Gorillas, Pandas, Rhinos, Leopards
3.5.19 Gorillas Tigers
10.5.19  Orangutans Elephants
21.6.19 Gorillas Rhinos, Leopards
28.6.19 Chimps Gorillas, Pandas, Elephants
5.7.19 Leopards Rhinos, Chimps, Orangutans
12.7.19 Orangutans Gorillas, Rhino, Leopards, Chimps, Orangutans


Big Work - 21.6.19: Thank you for all the children this week for working collaboratively.

Big Work - 14.6.19

Big Work - 10.5.19; Thank you to all the children for showing 'Empathy' this week.

Big Work - 26.4.19

This Week's Focus has been 'Interdependence'

Big Work - 1.3.19

Big Work - 8.2.19

Congratulations to those children who were awarded certificates for 'Imitating'.

Big Work - 25.1.19

Congratulations to Namra, Fletcher, Toby, Sam, Jack, Jemima, Alfi, Lois, Zak, Nathan, Robert and Aimee for NOTICING.

Big Work - 11.1.19

Fantastic work being celebrated today: Jack, Sophie, Ryan, Luke, Maddison, Nathan, Harry, Kate, Elise and Ayla.

Well Done for using Questioning to enhance your learning; Anete, Harry B, Izzy, Elliot, Harry R, Hannah W, Sophie S, Emilia, Alex S, Josh M, David, Jamie-Leigh.

Big Work - 9.11.18

Congratulations this week to; Jacob, Faye, Elise, Scarlett, Lily, Tyler, Mason, Ryleigh, Jessica and Riley.

Big Work - 2.11.18

Well Done for Managing Distractions to; Matthew, Jasmine, Joseph, Amelia, Georgia, Jacob, Declan, Jack, Levi, Lilly, Sophie, Kian, Mason and Elena.

Big Work - 5.10.18

This week's children celebrating 'Collaborating'


3G - April & Jacob

3P - Paige & Amelie

4T - Fiona & James

4R - Morgan & Jake

5E - Kyle & Tyler
5L - Jasmine & Sophie

6C - Lucy & Emily

6O - 


Woodlea's Weekly Awards are: Big Work, which celebrates work from the children that is in line with our expectations and Punctuality and Attendance Awards.

Big Work - 14.9.18

Imitation - 15.6.18


Big Work - 20.4.18

Big Work - 13.4.18

Big Work - 2.2.18

Big Work - 26.1.18

Big Work - 19.1.18

Big Work - 12.1.18

Big Work - 17.11.17

Date  Attendance Punctuality
20.10.17 Pandas



10.11.17 Tigers  
17.11.17 Gorillas  
24.11.17 Tigers Chimps
1.12.17 Chimps



15.12.17 Orangutans  
19.1.19 Chimps  
2.3.18 Chimps




16.3.18 Elephants Orangutans
13.3.18 Pandas



20.4.18 Orangutans Chimps
27.4.18 Orangutans - 100%




11.5.18 Orangutans











25.5.18 Gorillas




8.6.18 Chimps





15.6.18 Elephants Orangutans
22.6.18 Orangutans





Big Work - 20.10.17

Big Work - 23.6.17

Big Work - 16.6.17

Big Work - 21.4.17

Big Work - 17.3.17

Big Work - 24.2.17

Big Work - 27.1.17

Big Work - 20.1.17

Week Ending Attendance Punctuality 
13th January 2017 Orang-utans




20th January 2017 Pandas None
27th January 2017 Chimps Orangutans 
3rd February 2017 Tigers None
24th February




17th March 2017 Pandas NONE
21st April 2017



28th April Pandas NONE
5th May Tigers Chimps
12th May



16th June



23rd June Panda  
30th June Elephants - 100%  


Big Work - 13.1.17

Big Work - 2.12.16

Big Work - 25.11.16

Big Work - 18.11.16

Big Work - 21.10.16

Big Work - 14.10.16

Big Work - 7.10.16

Big Work - 30.9.16

Big Work - 23.9.16

Week Beginning Punctuality Attendance
12th September



30th September









14th October 2016



21st October NONE Elephants
28th October NONE Tigers
18th November 2016 Chimps Leopards
25th November 2016 Chimps Pandas
2nd December 2016 Elephants Tigers


Big Work - 20.5.16

Big Work - 13.5.16

Big Work - 29.4.16

Big Work - 1st April 2016

Big Work - 18th March 2016

Big Work - 11th March 2016

Big Work - 26th February 2016

Big Work - 29th January 2016

Big Work - 22nd January 2016

Date Punctuality Attendance
22nd January






29th January


5th February



26th February Chimps, Pandas, Tigers Gorillas
4th March  Chimps, Pandas, Rhinos  
11th March   Orangutans
1st April Rhinos Tigers
8th April





29th April



6th May Pandas Orangutans 
13th May



20th May Orangutans Rhinos
24th June Rhinos, Chimps Leopards