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Woodlea Junior School

Woodlea's Masterchef Competition

Mrs Leggett, the school's cooks, was asked to produce a signature dish for Woodlea. She would then present her dish to other schools in the local area, as part of developing Lancashire Catering. We decided to ask our children  to design a signature dish, using certain ingredients specified by Mrs Leggett. Some foods included chicken, potatoes and a selection of vegetables.
Lots of children submitted their creations to Mrs Leggett - they included a 'Chicken Pasta Bake', 'Chicken Curry' and a 'Traditional Chicken Hot Pot'.
Mrs Leggett was very impressed with the ideas generated by the children and eventually came up with the chosen dish - 'Woodlea's Chicken Hot Pot Pie'. Rachel Hocking was the child of the winning design.
Members of the 'Food Council' were asked to sample the meal and give their opinions as to what they thought about it.

We'd like to thank all of the children who took part in 'Woodlea's Masterchef' the 'Food Council' and particularly Mrs Leggett for engaging so many children in this initiative and wish her luck when she presents her dish to colleagues at local schools.