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Hi! Welcome to the Tiger Class. I'm Mrs Darby and this year we will be learning lots of new things, perfecting existing skills and having exciting new experiences!

Keep checking back to see children's work and find out about what we are going to be getting up to. 

Miss Bell is the teaching assistant for Tiger Class this year.

She is our school reading champion and will be ensuring that the Tiger children read at least three times a week at home to help them become confident and independent readers! Read FOUR times a week for a treat! 



Our Endangered Animal Fundraiser Week!

In our first week back at Woodlea, we learnt all about tigers and why they are endangered. Thank you all for bringing in your money to help adopt a tiger and help save them from extinction!

For our fundraising day, we dressed in pyjamas, had a disco with party games and decorated biscuits to look like tigers! They were very yummy... 


Tiger Fundraiser!

Tiger Fundraiser! 1
Tiger Fundraiser! 2
Tiger Fundraiser! 3
Tiger Fundraiser! 4
Tiger Fundraiser! 5
Tiger Fundraiser! 6

This half term our theme is...


So far we have investigated explanation texts and written our own about the Snoozatron! As the term progresses, we will be learning about electricity and lots of other exciting things!


The Snoozatron!

Watch the video we used to help us write our own independent explanations.