The Summer term is on us already and there are lots of exciting activities planned for all children in school. The weather is unpredictable so please send your child in for all eventualities. Thank you.

Woodlea Junior School


Attendance and Punctuality


In line with School Policy our school doors open at 8.45am and it is expected that all children are in school by 8.55am.

If your child arrives at school after 8.55am, they are legally late and must be brought and signed into school by an adult.

Therefore please ensure should you be running late, you present at reception to complete the necessary paperwork.

Moments Matter, Attendance Counts


The latest attendance campaign from the DfE.

Attendance Policy

Please see the link to our latest Attendance Policy (updated September 2023).

Leave During Term Time

By law, maintained schools cannot authorise any leave in term time other than in exceptional circumstances. Taking a child out of school in term time will affect their education and progress as much as any other absence. If leave is being requested for a holiday or extended leave abroad, approval should be obtained from the head teacher before making any bookings.


Leave of absence in term time will not be granted unless:


  • a request for leave has been made in advance by a parent with whom the pupil normally resides (using the form available on the school website or from the school office), and
  • the head teacher considers that leave of absence should be granted due to the exceptional circumstances relating to the request.


Due to the need to evidence exceptional circumstances, parents are advised to provide school with any relevant information regarding their request at the point of application if they believe the circumstances are exceptional.


In considering the request school will also consider other factors such as:


  • The timing of the requested leave, eg when a pupil is just starting at school or during assessment periods, such as SATs.
  • A pupil’s attendance record already includes unauthorised absence.
  • Attendance is already a concern, or could become a concern, as a result of taking leave.
  • Other periods of leave which the pupil may have had, either during the current or previous academic year.


Any period of leave taken without the agreement of the school, or in excess of that agreed, will be classed as unauthorised and may attract legal sanctions such as a penalty notice.