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Woodlea Junior School


Our vision for Computing at Woodlea


At Woodlea our vision for Computing is for all children to leave their primary education being not only confident digital users but, more importantly, content creators.




We understand the world in which we live in is changing at an astonishing rate. As a result, it is crucial to prepare our children for a society which is becoming more and more reliant on the use of computing. Our Computing curriculum allows children to develop skills in finding, exploring, sharing and presenting information. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to become responsible, respectful and competent users of information and communication technology. We expect all teachers and learners in school to become confident users of ICT. This will enable them to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to be confident, creative and independent learners.





Information technology is present throughout our curriculum and children are encouraged to become producers of digital content, rather than just consumers of it. Computational skills are taught in discrete computing lessons where teachers use the scheme 'iLearn2’ to support their planning and delivery of the subject. In using this scheme children will be provided with a relevant, challenging and enjoyable curriculum for all pupils which meet the requirements of the National Curriculum. Furthermore, children will be encouraged to use ICT and Computing Science as a tool to enhance learning throughout all areas of the curriculum.




In following National Curriculum for Computing we aim to ensure that all children will be able to understand and apply the fundamental principles of Computer Science, including logic, algorithms, data representation, and communication. They will be confident in analysing problems in computational terms, and have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems. Following this, pupils will be able to evaluate and apply information technology. Ultimately, children will be well rounded, responsible, competent, confident and creative users of Information and Communication Technology.

Progression in computing at Woodlea

Examples of computing at Woodlea

Take a look at some of our work below to see examples of Computing at Woodlea, including examples of how this subject is implemented across all areas of our curriculum: