Welcome back to our last half term of this school year. As ever there is lots going on in school. Please keep updated by following us on Twitte, the website and looking at SeeSaw for all updated information. I hope that you are all well and staying safe. If you want to join the 'Walking Bus', please meet Mrs Grove and Mrs Quinn at McCauls on wade Hall at 8.15 am. Thankyou. Mrs Shorrocks

Woodlea Junior School

Rhino Expectations


Children in the Rhino class will be doing swimming every Monday. They will need a swimming costume/shorts, swimming hats, towels, and a verruca sock if necessary. 

PE lessons are on a Thursday, a full PE kit (indoor and outdoor) is needed for these lessons to take place. 



Children are expected to read a MINIMUM of three times a week at home. 

Children who reach their minimum three times a week reading, will be rewarded with a biscuit on the Friday. Children who read more than 3 times during the week will be rewarded with a sweet! 



Homework is given out on a Wednesday and children are expected to hand their homework in COMPLETED the following Tuesday. 

If the homework is handed in earlier than Tuesday, they will receive a reward in class. 



Children will have a separate book for learning spellings. This will be given out on a Friday, and their spelling test will also be the following Friday. Children MUST learn these spellings. We are learning to use the 'pyramid' method to learn spellings in class and also 'Just a Minute'. However, if your child prefers a different way to learning spellings, then they are more than welcome to use their preferred method. Whatever helps them learn their spellings is absolutely fine. These are just examples of good strategies that we learn in class.