The Summer term is on us already and there are lots of exciting activities planned for all children in school. The weather is unpredictable so please send your child in for all eventualities. Thank you.

Woodlea Junior School


Wow, what an exciting last week we have had!


On Tuesday, we made water rockets and went on to the field with 4T to launch them.  

Following our launching we continued the work in our theme books by writing about how we made our rockets and all about our experiment: To find the rocket that would have the highest launch.  

We measured the time from launch to hitting the ground, then using bar charts we recorded our results.

Please look through the photos which include rocket making, launch afternoon and our work. 

Wow, yet another busy week in Rhino class.

It has been business week in Rhino class, the children have collected and shared ideas of what we could sell, cost all items and priced them to ensure we would make a profit.

During maths we cost up all the stock, decided on prices that would give us a good return, made all the stock and advertising leaflets, and persuaded buyers to part with their money.

In total we have made £100.73 and we are hoping to increase that with a sale of the remaining stock next week…at a reduced price...of course!

A big thank-you to Ben’s grandma who made us some beautiful bracelets.

Business Week Sale Thursday 6th July 2017

What a busy term, we have also had Multi Faith Week too.

Take a look at a selection of photos from this term:

Multi-Faith Week

Maths outside learning about co-ordinates

Kwik Cricket

Using base 10 in Maths

Excellent homework from Purplemash.

Remember next term starts on Wednesday 7th June, our theme will be ‘Hunted’, we have already started planning some exciting learning opportunities. If the hot weather continues don’t forget your water bottle, sun hat and cream.

Have a lovely half term, keep safe and enjoy spending time with your families and friends.

Year 4 teaching team.

Using base 10 in Maths

Kwik Cricket

Maths outside learning about co-ordinates

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Easter.

This term our topic will be Water, Water Everywhere. We will be studying Rivers in Geography, in History we will look at the influence of the Nile on Ancient Egypt and our science topic will be Changing State.

Rhino teaching team

Mrs Calderbank and Mr Cook 

Rhino Class Timetable


Happy Easter to parents and grandparents of all the children in Rhinos class.

I hope you have a lovely Easter


Mr Goldsworthy 





Can the year 4 teaching staff wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

See you on Monday 9th January to do it all again!!  


This week the children have enjoyed party day, Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang and festive fun including a Christmas themed lunch.

Rhino Class have been busy this term.The theme was all about ‘The Great Plague’. 

Take a look: Rhino’s Purple Mash Homework. Well done Ayla, Darryl, Eleanor, Holly, Joshua, Madison and Robert.

ECO Week in Rhino Class

Homework week beginning 27th June 2016

Worden Park- Wednesday 22nd June 2016

As part of our theme topic ‘Hunted’ we went to Worden park to explore. We investigated the different leaves/trees that can be found. Also, we classified the different buttercups too! After lunch we visited the maze…some of us got lost…but we were found very quickly! A visit to the beautiful walled garden was next, wow there was so much to see; plants, flowers and animals including snakes and chipmunks. In the afternoon, we sat and painted using the skills we had been taught during art in class. Some brilliant watercolours were created.  

Watercolour Paintings

Photographs from Worden Park Trip.

British Week in Year 4. 



Woodlea Street Party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday.

Art in the style of Julian Opie. Can you guess who our subject is?

Fly, fly, fly a kite...

Photos from Egyptian Day Tuesday 17th May 2016

Overview for Egyptain Day 2016

Tuesday 17th May 2016 is Egyptian Day. Keep a look out for photos appearing soon.  

What a success! 

Today, we sold the things we have made in business week. The children have had a very exciting week plus we made a profit of £57.30! A big thank-you to Luke's mum who had been knitting phones cases and pencil cases for us to sell. 

A busy, business sale in Rhino Class. Friday 1st April 2016

Well, what a busy day!!

Today in Rhino class we have been measuring, cutting, sewing, braiding, sticking and working together to come up with prices- that was very hard. We had to consider who would buy our items and how much they would pay! We don't know how big shops do it! The costumer is always important and you must consider their needs. 


Well another busy term in Rhino class.

Here are some examples of our brilliant writing-click and take a look. One of our literacy units has been all about a ‘Novel as a Theme’. The novel we have been learning about was called Gulliver’s Travel. We wrote, edited and re-drafted our own stories, before presenting them on Microsoft Word. 

Science Week at Woodlea. Rhino Class have been learning all about SOUND!


Spring term 1 2016                                                    

As we approach the end of a very busy term, it’s time to think about all the things we have learnt from teeth and the digestive system  (Food to poo) in Science, persuasive leaflets in English, area and FRACTIONS in Maths, also not forgetting the Alien Invasion’ on Wednesday 27th January.

The children have worked really hard and I am very proud of them all. We started the term with a Class assembly and are finishing it with a very exciting ‘Science Week’. All our lessons have been planned around our Science topic- Sound.  Please ask the children about the things they have learnt this week.

Have a good rest and see you back in school ready to do it all again- Monday 22nd February.                                               

Rhino teaching team.


Remember project homework for Monday 14th March.


Next term’s theme is ‘Passport to Europe’.





Spring term 1 2016

Welcome back to school Rhino’s.  We have already had a busy couple of weeks.

This term our theme is called ‘The Art of Food’. We will be learning about animals- including humans, teeth, eating and digestion. The children have already learnt about the different types of teeth and their functions.

Class assembly

Thank-you to everyone who support us last Friday, the children worked so hard learning their lines in such a short period of time. I am sure you will agree, they did really well.



















Can we take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year!

Welcome to Rhino class

Our class teacher is Mrs Calderbank and Mrs Smith is our learning support assistant.



What a busy first term we have had!

This term we have learning about The Great Plague of 1665.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed the literacy units in particular this term and have produced some brilliant work too.
Follow the link to see what London was like in 1665.

Rhino Class have been a delight to teach.

We look forward to seeing you at our Class Assembly in the new year where we will tell you more…

Mrs Calderbank and Mrs Smith
Rhino teaching team.


Firstly thank you for all the donations brought in for our endangered animal day. We are excited to find out the name of the rhino we have adopted and find out more about how to help save rhinos.

We had lots of fun fundraising by wearing grey and dancing with our cuddly toys at our rhino party.

We are looking forward to an action packed year.

Our first theme is: 



It is all about electricity.

Keep an eye on our page for more updates and news.