The Summer term is on us already and there are lots of exciting activities planned for all children in school. The weather is unpredictable so please send your child in for all eventualities. Thank you.

Woodlea Junior School

Snow Leopards

Hello and welcome to 5L!


In Leopards class Miss Holland is the class teacher and we also have Miss Wilson as our class TA.


Our final topic of Year 5 is 'Faster, Higher, Stronger' which is all about the Ancient Greeks!


In English we will be writing our own Greek Myths as well as non-chronological reports about the origins of the Olympic Games.


We hope you enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of our hard work over the year!  

Our Review of the Year

By Hannah, Freya and Holly


We think this year has flown by and has been an amazing year. Miss Holland has made this year really fun but still school related. During the year we have learnt so much and I have learnt most about my maths (Freya). We have been on a range of trips this year, which include: Anglo Saxons at Tatton Park, Worden for Annie and Space Rockets, Science Museum and the Fun Food Chef and an Ancient Greek even came to visit us! We had great fun on every trip! The topics we have learnt about have been fascinating and interested everybody in different ways!


Our highlights of the year:

My highlight of the year has been getting better at maths (Holly).

Getting my gold times tables badge (Hannah).

Achieving my silver and gold badges in the same week (Freya).

Having Miss Holland as a teacher (Ellie and Eleanor).

Meeting new friends (Abigail and Ellis).

All of the work (Paige).

The Fun Food Chef (Ruby).

Going to Tatton Park dressed as Anglo Saxons (Marcus, Alex and Kaylum).

ICT and Science lessons (Madison).

All of the English lessons (Georgia).

Having fun (Courtney).

Getting into green for my key skills (Matty-Joe).

Improving on my handwriting (Riley).

Putting my best effort in and never giving up (Jessica).

Winning a division game against my friends (Robert).

The fun lessons (Ben).

Fun PE lessons and sports (Alex and Ellenie).

Having the opportunity to try out for the school football team (Ayla).

Being with my friends (Eloise).

Learning new things (Chloe).

Earning my bronze and silver badges for Hit the Button (Antony).

ICT lessons (Alex).




Greek Workshop and Project Homework Dressing Up Day

Leopards Class Creating Greek Inspired Vases

80th Birthday Celebrations

Business Week - Easter Egg Hunt Quiz

Our visit to the Science and Industry Museum, Manchester

Science Week

Leopards Visit Worden High School For A Science Experiment

Leopard Class Getting into the Spirit of French Day

The Fun Food Chef Visits Year 5!

Science experiment on solids that dissolve in liquids.

Our Anglo Saxon Day at Tatton Park