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Woodlea Junior School


Our Vision for Geography at Woodlea!

At Woodlea, we aim to deliver a high quality geography education which inspires the children to become fascinated and curious about the world in which they live. It also allows our geographers to understand the processes which shape their world. 




We offer a structure of lessons that build up on prior knowledge and skills required to meet the aims of the National Curriculum. On top of this, we encourage the children to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the interaction between physical and human processes, natural disasters and worldly matters. Our main focus is to develop geographical knowledge, through teaching the skills of locational and place knowledge, human and physical geography and geographical skills and fieldwork.


We aim to implement these aims through a variety of strategies. Key geographical skills form the core of our geography teaching, leading to pupils who are confident and proficient in the study of geography. Children are given the opportunity to take part in local fieldwork such as walks in the local area and develop their mapping and locational skills, regularly using atlases, globes and maps to develop their geographical knowledge. Geography is taught as part of our themed work, alongside history, to ensure that pupils receive a diverse and in-depth curriculum. 


Geographers will gain a variety of subject specific vocabulary and the ability to apply their geographical skills effectively within everyday life and in the future. Our learners will develop their questioning skills and have their cultural capital increased through our teaching of Geography. The children will improve their inquisitiveness  about the world around them. Formative assessment will be implemented after each session to ensure key learning has been achieved. 

Progression map for Geography!

Progression of geographical vocabulary!

Geography at Woodlea during lockdown!

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Year 4 have been exploring water cycles

Year 3 have been studying all about maps and OS symbols. All the children recognised the importance of maps and how landmarks and buildings could be found easily by using the key. They drew a map showing their route from their house to school, adding in any buildings and landmarks they pass on the way. 

Creating maps using OS symbols by 3G!

3P have been creating new towns using OS symbols.

Describing beaches in Great Britain by 5E!

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The children have been learning about beaches in Great Britain. They used a map of the UK to locate the beaches in Britain and then went on to describe them in detail.