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Religious Education

At Woodlea we believe RE to be an essential part of a child’s development, preparing them for the multicultural society which we live in today. 

As a community school we use the Lancashire SACRE syllabus for RE.


Each half term we focus on a new key question and religion. Six religions are covered in KS2: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism. 


From Year 3 to Year 6, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are taught as progressive units. This means that each unit across and throughout the year groups builds on the knowledge from the previous. The three religions were chosen to represent the main religions within our local area. 


Each year group also has a 'big question' which is used throughout the year.


Year 3 - Who should we follow?

Year 4 - How should we live our lives?

Year 5 - Where can we find guidance about how to live our lives?

Year 6 - How is life like a journey?

Our RE Home Learning