The Summer term is on us already and there are lots of exciting activities planned for all children in school. The weather is unpredictable so please send your child in for all eventualities. Thank you.

Woodlea Junior School

Orang-utans 2014 / 2015

Welcome to Orangutans (6O)!

Orang-utans endangered animal is the Orang-utan ('the person of the forest' - Malayan and Indonesian meaning).  There are twenty-eight fun, excitable and determined children, who are always rearing to go, in our class. Our teacher is Miss Alty is always ready to tell a terrible joke or two.  
Being an Orangutan means being the best you can be! It means being hardworking! It means caring for each other! Its means being respectful! It means having fun! 
In Orang-utan class we are all one big happy family. We have a great 'team spirit' and always work together to give support to each other.  In this family there are some strange and wonderful characters but without them 6O would not be 6O! We have created some great memories and I’m sure there are many more to come…



To find out more about Orangutans and the important work carried out by the Orangutan Foundation International please visit

British Week
We have had a fantastic last week of a very hardworking term. For British week 6C and 6O studied British Values and were lucky enough to take part in their very own Courtroom drama when Magistrates in the Community visited Woodlea.
We carried out a 'mock' trial complete with Prosecutors, Defense Lawyers and witnesses. Our Magistrates: Andrew Thomas and Erin were a tough lot and delivered a GUILTY verdict! Check out our photos below.

Well Done 6O for all your hard work this half term - have a well deserved rest and a great holiday, Miss Alty x