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Woodlea Junior School

Literacy Revision

Literacy Revision Topics
Date Topic
13.4.15 Reading Comprehension Skills – How to annotate important information
14.4.15 Grammar – Sentence Types
15.4.15 BIG WRITE
16.4.15 Reading Comprehension – Reading Activity – tables, tick lists and 1 mark questions
17.4.15 Grammar – Word classes
20.4.15 Grammar – Clauses and Phrases
21.4.15 Reading Comprehension – Reading Activity – 2 mark questions relating to text
22.4.15 BIG WRITE
23.4.15 Grammar – Easily Confused – To, too, two, there, they’re, their, where, we’re, were etc
24.4.15 Grammar – Past, Present, Future
27.4.15 Reading Comprehension – Reading Activity – 2/3 mark questions relating to Authors
28.4.15 Grammar – Punctuation Pyramid – commas, colons and semi-colons
29.4.15 BIG WRITE
30.4.15 Grammar - Speech and speech punctuation
1.5.15 Grammar – Punctuation Pyramid – brackets, elipses and hyphens
4.5.15 Bank Holiday
5.5.15 Grammar – Prefixes and Suffixes
6.5.15 BIG WRITE
7.5.15 Reading Comprehension - Reading Activity – full comprehension
8.5.15 Grammar – Singular and Plural
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