The Summer term is on us already and there are lots of exciting activities planned for all children in school. The weather is unpredictable so please send your child in for all eventualities. Thank you.

Woodlea Junior School


Goodbye Tigers 2018!

It's been a jam-packed year this year and we've achieved lots!

The Tigers wanted to share just how much themselves... 

Tigers at Heart

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The Journey Has Ended

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Tiger Movie

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Year 4 Memories

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Special Moments

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Food chains & Habitats


This half term we will be classifying living things, exploring habitats and learning about life cycles.

Water, Water, Everywhere!

This half term, we will be learning all about water! We will be investigating states of matter, learning about the water cycle and hopefully even visiting a river! 

Keep checking back to see what we've been up to...




This half term, we are asking you to choose a well-known body of water and present your findings in a creative way!

For example, Loch Ness, Lough Neagh, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the English Channel, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Sea, the Amazon River, the River Thames... the list goes on! 

Try and think how you could share why you chose this particular body of water in an unusual or interesting way... mail


This half term we will be using geography skills to locate and label continents and parts of Europe. We will be focusing on the Catalonia region of Spain to learn about human and natural features. 


We will also be using our writing skills to write a story based on the famous story 'Gulliver's Travels'.



We are learning all about teeth and the digestive system this half term! 

We will be learning all about different types of teeth and their functions as well as discovering what happens inside our body after we swallow our food... 


 We used disclosing tablets to check if we were brushing our teeth properly. 

We found out that Tiger Class has generally good brushing habits!



The Great Plague


We investigated poems about cats (such as Macavity the Mystery Cat and Puss in Boots), we learnt about fairy tales with 'The Pied Piper' and we are wrote newspaper reports about the Plague.

We have also been learning about the Great Plague and its devastating effect on 1600s London.


Check out some of our Plague videos below!


Take a look at our wonderful Plague videos!

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Still image for this video


In P.E. we have been exploring how Superheroes move through dance. We created some fantastic freeze frames and thought you might like to see them.

Can you figure out who the villain is and who the superhero is? 


Maths & Football! 


This half term we were visited by coaches from The Football Development Programme. 

They worked with Year 4, teaching us football skills, and then using football jerseys in a maths exercise. 

It was lots of fun!


The Snoozatron!

Watch the video we used to help us write our own independent explanations.

Our Endangered Animal Fundraiser Week!

In our first week back at Woodlea, we learnt all about tigers and why they are endangered. Thank you all for bringing in your money to help adopt a tiger and help save them from extinction!

For our fundraising day, we dressed in pyjamas, had a disco with party games and decorated biscuits to look like tigers! They were very yummy... 


Tiger Fundraiser!