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Welcome to Chimps!


Chimps' class is taught by Mr Payne and supported by Mrs Quinn. We like to work hard but also enjoy ourselves ; work made fun - gets done!


We are so excited with our current topic 'What part did Lancashire play in the Industrial Revolution?' To start this project we will be visiting Helmshore Mill, to experience life for those who would've worked in the mills. During the project we will be investigating a range of questions such as: 


  • Who were Samuel Horrocks and Richard Arkwright and what did they achieve?
  • How was cotton made?
  • What were conditions like in the mills?
  • Why were there so many mills in Lancashire?
  • What part did the Lancashire cotton industry play in the Transatlantic Slave Trade?
  • What was life like for African slaves?
  • How did the Industrial Revolution change the geography of Preston?


At the end of this topic we hope to demonstrate our learning by writing and publishing our own book which will answer all of our key questions.





As part of our learning about Tudors, during the Autumn term, we investigated Tudor cooking. We found out that 'pottage' was a common food and that 'spiced hot chocolate' was also popular as a result of discoveries made by explorers in the 'New World'. We tested some brand-name soups and also nutmeg, cinnamon and chilli flavoured hot chocolate. This then led to us making our own 'pottage' and 'spiced hot chocolate' which we sold to our parents at our Tudor cafe in December. 



We also made 'text adventures' using the programming language 'Scratch'. These games were loosely based on the challenges that may have been faced by Tudor explorers. Click a Tudor rose to try one of the games.








 In Autumn term we learnt about Tudors and the 'Age of Exploration'. These photos show the archaeological dig that we did in the school grounds, where we unearthed a variety of Tudor artefacts.