Welcome back to the second half of the Spring ter. It is great to see lighter mornings and nights!

Woodlea Junior School

Year 5



TTRockstars - 5 Studio and 5 Garage games

Mathletics - short division - remember to us a whiteboard to help you work out the answers.


Spelling Shed - 5 games of the current list


Homework 24.09.2020

For your Maths homework this week, I have set you TTRockstars. There are 5 garage and 5 studio sessions for you to complete. For your English work, I would like to to do my job for me. I have attached a short paragraph that, sadly, is missing lots of punctuation, please read the paragraph and add in the correct punctuation. Remember that each separate idea is a separate sentence. The best way to do this is by taking a screenshot of the paragraph, edit it and then upload it back onto SeeSaw.