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In year 5, our science topic has been all about plants. The children have been, identifying parts of a plant, using scientific language to explain the sexual reproduction of plants and exploring seed dispersal. It has been very exciting, ask your year 5 children how plants reproduce!

Year 3 children have been studying Forces and Magnets as part of their curriculum this term. They have been learning about metal and the different kinds of metal, including Bronze and Iron. On Wednesday 22nd January, Gary, a Blackmsith, was invited to School to showcase his knowledge and expertise on metal. Gary explained and showed the children there are 7 different ways a piece of metal can be changed.

1. Upset it by squashing it

2. Draw it out.

3. Bend it once it has been heated on the anvil.

4. Twist it using the tongs.

5. Punch it using the chisel.

6. Cut it using the hammer.

7. Weld it to join two pieces of metal with heat.


Gary, a professional Blacksmith, showcasing his knowledge about metal.