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Year 3 children have been learning about life during the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. To make this topic come to life, a professional Blacksmith, Gary, arrived at Woodlea Junior School to showcase his skills and talents to the children. The aim of the day was to engage the children to get hands-on experience of the varying metal items created and used within this historical era and to witness a demonstration of how metal tools are developed and created using stone, charcoal and heat. During the day, Gary explained to the children about the importance of Blacksmiths during the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Some of the items created by Gary included a pinnacular brooch, hooks, keyrings, a rose, torcs used by the wealthy Celts and some nails. All the children were extremely intrigued and asked many questions which Gary answered to the best of his knowledge. It was an absolutely marvellous day filled with great activities. Every child, including many teachers, had a tremendous day and were thrilled and amazed at how metal can be changed once it has been heated. 

Iron and Fire day!