Happy New Year everyone and we have had a great start to 2022 at Woodlea. We have a lot planned this half term and thank you for your support with this. Should you wish to speak with any school staff, please contact the school on 01772 421992 to make an appointment. Thank you, Mr Prior.

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Year 3 Additional Bits of Information

Year 3 Autumn Termly Newsletter

Our Perfect Project Homework!

Welcome to Woodlea Junior School! Here, you can find home learning, letters and other important information, including what we have been learning about and what’s coming up this year. Please visit us regularly to follow our learning journey throughout the year.

We look forward to sharing key learning opportunities with you. 

Mrs Younis is the class teacher supported by Mrs Schepens.


For this half term in English, we will be writing a fable using ‘The Tortoise and The Hare’ as inspiration. For our non-fiction unit, we will be looking at how to write an effective piece of discussion text talking about the pros and cons of school uniforms. In Maths, we will be using our exciting Maths scheme called ‘Maths No Problem’ to explore multiplication and division and place value. The scheme of work is based on Singapore Maths and helps the children move from concrete to pictorial and then to abstract learning. 


For our theme work we will be studying life during the Bronze and Iron Ages and on Friday 4th February, we will hold our very own Iron and Fire day in school. During this enrichment day, the children will have the opportunity to interview a real life blacksmith and learn all about this era through hands on experiences on the school grounds.


Reading books will be sent home on a Friday and they will need to be returned each Friday. It is advised that the children must read at least 4 times per week and this must be signed by an adult. Reading plus can also contribute towards a read. This must be logged in your child's yellow reading record along with the percentage that they score and signed by an adult.


Homework will be set online on a Tuesday and will be due in on a Monday. This will either be on Seesaw, TTROCKSTARS, Spelling Shed or Mathletics.


P.E will be taking place on a Thursday and Friday and the correct indoor and outdoor kits are required. Please ensure these are all named.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Best Wishes

Mrs Younis



We are engineers! Just like John Smeaton, we have designed and built our own bridges out of wood. We used different shapes to create strong bridges. We took inspiration from famous bridges to help us design ours and found that triangles create sturdy structures.

We have been learning about how muscles work to move our bodies. We used modelling balloons to show how muscles work in pairs pulling the bones to move them. 

Football keeps us healthy!

We can be Geologists!

As part of our scientific learning, we have been in our local area looking for different types of rocks and their uses. We found granite, slate, sandstone, concrete and ashlar. We know that rocks with higher durability are good for things that will need to last a long time, we also spotted that house use slate on their roofs. We discussed how this is because the slate is impermeable which means the material will not let water through.