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Art at Woodlea


At Woodlea, we explore the three main techniques of painting, printmaking and sculpture. Alongside this we are continuously developing our drawing skills and techniques.


We learn about artists throughout history; from our prehistoric ancestors up to artists living and working today. Through looking at these artists we aim to learn their techniques and use them to produce our own artworks.


Below is an example of some of the work produced across school so far this year.

Year 3 - Cave drawings

Children in year 3 used a range of drawing mediums to explore mark-making. they then explored the prehistoric cave drawings seen in historic sites like Lascaux and Chauvet and then worked in that style. They first inscribed the image into wet clay and then ,when it was dry, they painted into the inscribed line.

Year 5 - Printmaking

Children in year 5 combined images from their learning about Anglo-Saxons with their understanding of relief printmaking (by artists such as Albrecht Durer and Andrea Buttner)  to decorate the carrier bags used in their 'gift shop' as part of their 'Anglo-Saxon day'.