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Art at Woodlea


At Woodlea, we explore the three main techniques of painting, printmaking and sculpture. Alongside this we are continuously developing our drawing skills and techniques.


We learn about artists throughout history; from our prehistoric ancestors up to artists living and working today. Through looking at these artists we aim to learn their techniques and use them to produce our own artworks.


Below is an example of some of the work produced across school so far this year.

Woodlea’s ‘lockdown art school’

Inspired by artist Grayson Perry’s ‘Art Club’ on Channel 4, which aims to get the nation creating, Mr Payne decided that Woodlea needed an art club too! Each week, whilst we are on lockdown, Mr Payne posts a video to the children demonstrating an art skill. Mr Payne then chooses a selection to show on the website.

Week 1 involved developing a range of drawing techniques: line drawing, drawing without taking pencil from paper, drawing with wrong hand and drawing without looking at the paper.

Year 3 - Cave drawings

Children in year 3 used a range of drawing mediums to explore mark-making. they then explored the prehistoric cave drawings seen in historic sites like Lascaux and Chauvet and then worked in that style. They first inscribed the image into wet clay and then ,when it was dry, they painted into the inscribed line.

Year 5 - Printmaking

Children in year 5 combined images from their learning about Anglo-Saxons with their understanding of relief printmaking (by artists such as Albrecht Durer and Andrea Buttner)  to decorate the carrier bags used in their 'gift shop' as part of their 'Anglo-Saxon day'.

Year 6 - Painting

Children in year 6 started their portrait painting unit by comparing work done by Hans Holbein, David Hockney and Lubaina Himid. They looked at the use of colour and composition which resulted in many of them choosing to paint using the bright colour palette of Lubaina Himid. Children learnt how to mix secondary and tertiary colours and also how to draw a face using the correct facial proportions.

Year 6 - Propaganda posters

In year 6, children have been researching poster art. They have compared and examined work by Barbara Kruger, Shepard Fairey and a number of WWII era public information posters. The children thought about how the artists created posters that would grab the attention of the viewer. As we are currently on ‘lockdown’, children have been asked to create posters to spread important messages about staying safe from COVID19. They used digital techniques to produce these posters in the style of Shepard Fairey and Barbara Kruger.