Welcome back to our last half term of this school year. As ever there is lots going on in school. Please keep updated by following us on Twitte, the website and looking at SeeSaw for all updated information. I hope that you are all well and staying safe. If you want to join the 'Walking Bus', please meet Mrs Grove and Mrs Quinn at McCauls on wade Hall at 8.15 am. Thankyou. Mrs Shorrocks

Woodlea Junior School

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Family Learning with Lancashire Adult Learning College

* Easter 'Egg'stravaganza (online) Thurs 1st April, 1pm-2:30pm For children aged 3-6 and their parents/ carers Join us for an 'Egg 'citing time this Easter in the comfort of your own home! Our family learning session will take place on Thursday 1st April, and will comprise of special spring themed games, quizzes and crafts. Enrol link:


* Family Learning Spring fair (online) Sat 27th March, 10am-11:30am For primary school aged children and their parents/ carers Get online and join us as a family on our Family Learning Spring Fair.Take part in lots of fun and exciting seasonal themed crafts, games and activities. Resource packs will be provided so you can take part from home. Enrol link;


* NEW-Let's Do LEGO- Family Challenge (online) Monday 29th March, 1-2:30pm For primary school aged children and their parents/ carers ALL NEW Let’s Do LEGO-Family Challenge. We had so much fun on the last LEGO Challenge that we’ve a brand new session ready to go! Come along, have fun and build up your STEM skills too! Resource packs provided- but you will need LEGO at home. Enrol link:


* Link to current and future Family courses can be found here:

Community Network & Outreach Service

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If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the web links below useful.

Advice sheet for treating headlice

  Additional ‘tips’ for treating headlice from the school health team:

  • metal comb instead of plastic. (finer)
  • Check and re-check hair.
  • Treatments can be obtained free of charge if parents sign up for the minor aliments scheme at a participating pharmacy e.g Tesco, Leyland
  • Headlice Prevention spray which can be obtained from B and M/Home Bargains etc for a couple of pounds and is basically tea tree oil as the base. There is very little evidence to support that this deters headlice but then again there is very little evidence conducted relating to headlice - some parents have found it to be beneficial when used daily.
  • Hair to be tied up! Anyone with hair longer than shoulder length hair I would advise should be in plaits or a bun/pinned up to best avoid headlice transfer because even if hair is in a ponytail this will still potentially touch other children's hair during play.
  • Any dressing up clothes/hats to be washed regularly
  • Winter hats - lice can live for 24 hours off the host so if winter hats are stored in the same box it is possible for these to transfer to other children.