What a great start to the new term here at Woodlea. Please stay in touch by keeping updated with Twitter, our website and your Seesaw accounts. Should you wish to speak with any school staff, please contact the school on 01772 421992 to make an appointment. Thank you, Mrs Shorrocks.

Woodlea Junior School




At Woodlea Junior School, we have the vision that children will enjoy and understand the importance of Physical Education. We hope to give children the knowledge of skills and games that they can take forward into their later life. We aim to do this through quality first teaching and the opportunity to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be.




At Woodlea Junior School, PE is taught by all staff, all of whom have a great enthusiasm for teaching the subject. Within school, subject knowledge of staff is supported an external sports coach. Over a term the teacher and coach will deliver a block of lessons which enable the staff member to develop their subject knowledge to ultimately deliver high quality lessons independently.


Promoting a healthy and active lifestyles is a priority a Woodlea Junior School. As a school, we aim to foster a love of physical activity and its importance in living a healthy active lifestyle. We want to give our pupils the opportunity to enjoy physical activity and give them the chance to be competitive both with themselves and their classmates. We aim for as many children as a possible to be able to represent Woodlea Juniors as possible.




At Woodlea Juniors are ever evolving in our efforts to meet the needs of our child. In in our long term planning, we have identified areas that we need to aim to develop. We currently utilise iPep for our PE planning. Through using iPep we can guarantee the link and progression of skills from year three to six. Within our carefully planned curriculum, skill based lessons are delivered covering five different areas of sport: athletics, gymnastics, dance, striking and fielding and invasion games. Staff have received twilight CPD for using iPep to families them with the software.


In line with the Association for Physical Education's outcomes for high quality PE, our curriculum embeds the qualities such as; fair play; communication and team work. These are skills that our children are able to transfer throughout the curriculum. PE lessons we deliver provide our children with a confident understanding of basic skills in year three developing to a competent understanding of tactical awareness in year six. During our PE lessons (gymnastics and dance), we make links to wider curriculum topics such as the Stone Age, Greeks and Romans.


To aid teacher assessment, children record themselves and their classmates completing the skills that they have learnt within their topic and provide a commentary using learnt vocabulary.


In September 2020, we began an interschool competition that gave all of our children the opportunity to take part in competitive competition in a safe and familiar setting. This competitive opportunity may lead to selection for a team to represent the school.




Children at Woodlea Junior School enjoy PE. They thoroughly enjoy learning about different sports and different skills. They have a good knowledge of the skills and can articulate their understanding of what they are doing and learning.

Through our curriculum and use of iPep, we can see a clear development of skills within our children. The skills that we cover through our lessons are being seen across other areas of the school. Links made in lessons that link to wider curriculum subjects are helping to secure understanding of learning in both PE and other subjects.


The impact of our CPD is that staff are more confident in their subject knowledge and in the delivery of PE lessons. The school received the Silver School Games Mark in 2019/2020. Our sports teams have seen improved success such as winning the South Ribble round of the EFL Kids’ Cup run by Blackburn Rovers.





PE in lockdown

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Year 3


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Landing with soft knees.

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Tuck jump
Year four

Counter balances

Greek themed dance routines

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Children created their own dance routines that include movement with strong, powerful and precise dynamics, counter balance, poses, action and reaction.

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Year five

Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll dance

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Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll dance using extension of the limbs; hand jives and flicks and energetic dynamics.
Year six


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Pencil roll

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Gymnastic routine holding body weight, stretching and elevating unused body parts and counter balances.

Striking and fielding: finding space for fielding

School Games Mark

Woodlea Junior School is proud to have the Silver Sports Games Mark for the year 2018/2019. 




EFL Kids Cup 

Woodlea's football team successfully won the South Ribble round of the Blackburn Rovers EFL Kids Cup. Unfortunately, the team did not make it through the next round. 

Year 3/4 Mini-Tennis Tournament

Children went to South Ribble Tennis Centre to take part in the South Ribble Schools mini-tennis competition. The children tried hard and had some close matches. They all showed great sportsmanship and perseverance. 

Netball Practise

Some children from Mrs Younis' after school club were selected to and take part in a practise session at Leyland St Mary's High School. It was run by the sports leaders from the local high schools. The children did various different drill and were then able to get some well needed game time against other schools.