The Summer term is on us already and there are lots of exciting activities planned for all children in school. The weather is unpredictable so please send your child in for all eventualities. Thank you.

Woodlea Junior School


Our vision for PSHE at Woodlea

Our PSHE curriculum at Woodlea aims to ensure all children gain the necessary skills to be able to fully function in today's society. We offer a variety of opportunities for children to learn how to manage in real-life situations to the best of their ability. 



At Woodlea we believe PSHE is planned to meet the needs of our pupils. PSHE is embedded, not just in standalone lessons, but throughout school life, from our Core Values to our Growth Mindset work. All staff in school have built positive relationships with our children, allowing us to tailor our PSHE curriculum to their needs whilst also meeting the Statutory Requirements for Health and Relationships Education. 



As a school, our PSHE lessons are based on the PSHE Association's 'Question Based Approach'. Within each year group, there are three strands: Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Sex and Relationships Education. Each year group has a different question each half term which they use as the focus for their weekly lessons, for example in Year 4 in the second half of the Autumn term, their Relationships question is, 'How do we treat each other with respect?'. All our staff are equipped with the knowledge to ensure children receive high quality PSHE education and are supported by the PSHE leader, our family support workers and well-being team.


Alongside our PSHE lessons, we are fortunate to have UK Military School work with our children to develop resilience and confidence. 



By the end of KS2 when our children leave Woodlea, we aim to ensure that children are equipped with the necessary skills to progress onto their next stage in life at high school, facing new challenges, learning new skills and continuing to achieve to their full potential. 



Year 3 Autumn PSHE Work

Year 4 Autumn PSHE Work

Year 5 Autumn PSHE Work

Year 6 Autumn PSHE Work

Yoga Sessions with the YOGI Group

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, all classes in school had a mindfulness and yoga session with staff from the YOGI Group. 

During the session, we did some mindful exercises to focus our breathing and concentration. We then did a series of yoga poses in quick succession. This was followed by some balance poses, once again focusing our minds. We finished the session with a relaxation exercise. 

The sessions were enjoyed by children and staff and we will definitely be booking in again for next year!

Good To Be Me Day

On Friday 9th February, we finished the half term with the return of 'Good To Be Me Day'. This was a day to celebrate our wonderful children and their individuality. Children experienced a range of activities designed to develop and enhance their sense of self worth. 


The activities were based around the following ideas: positive affirmations, yoga and exercise, celebrating differences and poetry promoting yourself. 

Year 6 Healthy Relationships Work with Key Charity


During Summer 1, our Year 6 children will be taking part in 6 sessions all based around Healthy Relationships. 

These sessions are delivered by Diane from Key, who comes in on a weekly basis, for an hour each time. 

The sessions are as follows:

Session 1 – Friends, safe and unsafe secrets and trusted adults

Session 2 – Bullying

Session 3 – Conflict Resolution

Session 4 – Showing empathy, Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships (bringing together everything that has been covered in the previous sessions)

Session 5 – Gender Stereotypes

Session 6 – Keeping ourselves safe online

Progression in PSHE at Woodlea