The Summer term is on us already and there are lots of exciting activities planned for all children in school. The weather is unpredictable so please send your child in for all eventualities. Thank you.

Woodlea Junior School

Mother's Day at Woodlea

Today in school has been a very special day celebrating all of our Mums, Aunties and Grandmas.
All these people were invited to a special celebration assembly. On entering school, they were greeted my one of our Prefects and presented with a single daffodil. During the assembly each class performed a poem, which they had written collaboratively. The songs which were sung also had a 'Mum' theme. There was one very moving song, which was by Adele, 'Make You Feel My Love', which had the lyrics changed to fit in to celebrate our Mums, Aunties and Grandmas.
All the children had the opportunity to invite these people to have lunch in school with them. Mrs Leggett had prepared two dishes, which everyone could choose from.
There were lots of comments from the adults who joined us during the day; about how the children performed their poems, the singing and the quality of the food served.
Thank you to everyone who was able to celebrate with the children today and please continue to support your children in all aspects of school life.