The Summer term is on us already and there are lots of exciting activities planned for all children in school. The weather is unpredictable so please send your child in for all eventualities. Thank you.

Woodlea Junior School

Pupil Voice

We are very proud of our children at Woodlea and encourage them all to be confident individuals.

There is a strong pupil voice in school and we have four committees: Eco Committee, Fair Trade, School Council and Food Council. Each class has representatives on each committee. The chilodren decide which one they would like to stand for and design a campaign poster to promote themselves. Following on from this they stand infront of their class and give a shore speech as to why their classmates should vote for them. The children in class then participate in a secret ballot to elect their representatives.

The following children will represent each committee.


School Council

Andrea Yates & Szymon Czaczynski

Amy Hopcroft & Alicia Ball

Riley Bradshaw & Katie Thompson

Summer Tyrer & Emilia Monk

Lucy Williamson & Rosie Holland

Madison Shields & Benjamin Jagger

Brooke Barnes & Alfie Bolton

Harrison Cayton & Mollie Douglas


Eco Committee

Louis Grant

Reece Mashiter

Amelie Grose

Paige White

Finnlay Douglas

Alex Szucs

Matthew Hunt

Rhys Kay


Fair Trade

Cameron Cottier

Scarlett Leivers

Maddie Leigh

Kian Nicholls

Samuel Collier

Georgia Crossley

Isaac Hoyles

Jacob Kenny


Food Council

James Carlisle

Eve-Rose Ainsworth

Riley Vowles

Lily Wiltshire

Poppy Cowburn

Jessica Marshall

Lilly Daggers

Cameron Ayrey


Good Luck Children and we look forward to your work during the next year!