Welcome back to our last half term of this school year. As ever there is lots going on in school. Please keep updated by following us on Twitte, the website and looking at SeeSaw for all updated information. I hope that you are all well and staying safe. If you want to join the 'Walking Bus', please meet Mrs Grove and Mrs Quinn at McCauls on wade Hall at 8.15 am. Thankyou. Mrs Shorrocks

Woodlea Junior School

Christmas Project Homework

Christmas Project Homework

1 - Calling all children and parents! We are looking for some amazing ‘Christmas Themed Project Homework’. You continue to amaze us, with your creativity and innovative ideas, when completing project homework.

Again, you can use any medium of your choice; 3D, 2D, collage, ICT, performance …

We would like these brought into school during December.

2 - With this letter, is a green tube, I would like all the children to decorate this tube in whatever way they wish. My plan is for all the tubes to be collated and made into a Christmas Tree, in the style of the ‘Pringles Tree’.

Can all the tubes be returned to school no later than Friday 2nd December.