What a great start to the new term here at Woodlea. Please stay in touch by keeping updated with Twitter, our website and your Seesaw accounts. Should you wish to speak with any school staff, please contact the school on 01772 421992 to make an appointment. Thank you, Mrs Shorrocks.

Woodlea Junior School

Pen Licences

At Woodlea, we expect the children to have neat handwriting and present their work according to the school's policy. If class teachers feel that their children do follow the school's expectations and are consistent with their handwriting across all subjects, they may be eligible for a pen licence.
The children present their work to Mrs Shorrocks, Mrs Strickland or Mrs Whitehall and if in line with the school's criteria, they award the children their pen licence and they will begin their written work in pen.
The following year 3 children were awarded their licences today:
Eloise Downie, Robert Sumner and Ruby Wilding.