What a great start to the new term here at Woodlea. Please stay in touch by keeping updated with Twitter, our website and your Seesaw accounts. Should you wish to speak with any school staff, please contact the school on 01772 421992 to make an appointment. Thank you, Mrs Shorrocks.

Woodlea Junior School

Year 6 Awards and 100% Attendance - 2014 / 15

We were extremely proud of the year six children and the achievements which they gained whilst at Woodlea Junior School.

There are three awards that are given to children from the year group, which are voted for by the staff in school.

The Hewartson Award - this is given to a boy and a girl, who have during their time at Woodlea been positive role models to others in school, as well as showing excellence and endeavour in all areas. This year we were very pleased to give the award to Matthew Quinn and Amy Moran. This was especially pleasing, as they were also the Head Boy and Head Girl.

The Johnston Award - this was again voted for by staff, for showing care and compassion to others in school. The receiver of this award went to Liam Brown.

The Allison Award - is for progress in reading during their time at Woodlea. This year the award was given to Chloe Homer for her effort and determination in reading.

We are also very proud to have 15 children, who had 100% attendance in school, since September 2014.


Thank you to al the children from year 6 and the rest of the school for persevering and making Woodlea the school that it is.